Striped Marlin fishing in Puerto Vallarta

The Striped Marlin is the smallest of the Puerto Vallarta Marlin species but puts up a great fight and also puts on a great show jumping in the air.  

The Puerto Vallarta Striped Marlin Season is normally Mid January Through May.  The average Striped Marlin size in Puerto Vallarta is 40-120 lbs. 

Check out out Puerto Vallarta fishing chart for more info on all the Puerto Vallarta game fish seasons. Puerto Vallarta Sport fishing is amazing in all seasons Some say that Striped Marlin season is bad because it is the season for smaller fish and a Striped Marlin is probable the largest game fish You can find but the truth is this is a great time of the year for Puerto Vallarta fishing You will hardly ever catch anything over 200 lbs but everything is out there so you are guaranteed some good action