About Us

PV Charters is a private fishing Charter in Puerto Vallarta We offer

Private Puerto Vallarta fishing, Yacht, and Sailing Charters. 

If  You would like to go out and catch small game fish for dinner or Your would like to go out and catch a world record game fish.  We will recommend the best charter captain and boat to make Your dream PV fishing charter come true. 

If you want to catch big game fish We recommend going on the My Marlin or the 35 ft Cabo yacht both boats and captains hold the records for billfish and Tuna in Puerto Vallarta.  See our charter page for info on the 2 boats. 

We have been fishing in Puerto Vallarta for over 20 years now and have met the best captains and crew's in Puerto Vallarta.  We guarantee our private Puerto Vallarta sport fishing charters are 2nd to none world wide. We provide the finest vessels, captains, and sport fishing gear, in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. 

 Inshore Charters You can target wide variety of Puerto Vallarta game fish Dorado, Sailfish, Wahoo, Red Snapper, Pompano, Needle fish, Jack Crevalle, Mackeral, or You can catch what Puerto Vallarta fishing is known for huge 100-350 lb Yellowfin Tuna and 1,000 lb Black Marlins! See our Puerto Vallarta fishing chart and check if your Dream Puerto Vallarta game fish is in season. 

PV Charters encourages catch and release with all Puerto Vallarta Billfish We want to conserve the Marlin and Sailfish population in Puerto Vallarta for guaranteed great sport fishing for years to come so Our grandchildren and there grand children can enjoy the Puerto Vallarta fishing like we have.  It would be a shame if all this dried up but it is your fish so you can do whatever you want with your catch as long as it does not go to waste. until you reach the Puerto Vallarta fishing limit then you have to start throwing some back! 

email us direct for more info about our Puerto Vallarta fishing charters info@fishingpuertovallarta.net