Puerto Vallarta fishing Map

Puerto Vallarta fishing grounds consist of 7 main spots, Inside the Banderas Bay, El Moro, La Corbetena, Punta de Mita, El Banco, Marietas, and all the way out Islas Marias. 

Puerto Vallarta fishing is well known for it's huge Blue and Black Marlins and Yellow Fin Tuna! When you are fishing for Monster's in Puerto Vallarta Mexico you have to get Offshore outside the bay to catch 200-300 lb YellowFin Tuna, 100-500 lb Blue and Black Marlins, 30-50 lb Mahi mahi, Wahoo, and Sailfish! 

When you fish inside the bay you you can catch Small Mahi Mahi, Jack Crevalle, Needle fish, Jack Crevalle, Skip Jack,  and more depending on season. 

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