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Blue marlin
We are a professional Puerto Vallarta fishing charter that specializes
in Catching big Game fish!
www.fishingpuertovallarta.net  Big time Game fishing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico with PV Charters  come fish with the pro's info@fishingpuertovallarta.net
The Puerto Vallarta Red Snapper, Cubera, and Grouper fish range from 5-40 lbs if you
are going out in the bay the average catch is  5-10 lbs great meat to eat. If you hit el
morro then your looking at 10- 15 lbs and 15-40 lbs Groupers and Cubera at the El
Banco and Corbetena offshore!
Contact us for more info on Red Snapper fishing season.
Puerto Vallarta Red Snapper
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